Over the past 20 years, I have had the privilege of shooting many men - both alone or paired with someone.

Some of these men I call Career Men. They already are professionals or aspire to have modeling careers. They might be typical of the well-built buffs models we are accustomed to. But they may have their own unique look. Mostly they have drive, strength, and the passion for succeeding.

Others I think of as Community Men - guys of all kinds who just wanted to get in front of the camera and get some shots done. And these men too are in their own way beautiful.

There are over 1500 photos on the site. Some of the photos are personal or erotic, so are password protected. Your payment to see them helps support my ongoing work and pays for equipment and space. Visit the page 'See the Private Galleries' to make that arrangement.

The Blog will bring you a photo or two every day - most by me, but some by other photographers I like. In other words, I wish I would have taken them - because of great light, setting, props, or models! The blog will also alert you when the restricted galleries have been updated - as those updates are not visible without signing in.

Please let me know what you think as you are looking through the galleries. I hope the images of these men gives you pleasure too

David Athens

[email protected]