Thanks for looking at my photos. I am a self-taught photographer who shoots mostly for fun, and I have had a blast meeting people around the world while taking photos. I enjoy learning about the men I shoot, especially men who are starting or even those doing it for the first time.


If you are in great shape with a great smile, reach me by sending an email. I may be able to pay you for shoots here and there, and I may be able to do TFP on occasion.  But - surprise, surprise - you can always hire me to shoot whatever you need - men alone or men together, or any other variation. My base rate is $100 for a 60 minute session.


I also shoot photos for dating websites, headshots for business people, and nudes and erotics for all manner of men, women, couples, and groups. I am up for anything.


I work in a small space on Chicago's north side that has great free parking, and excellent public transportation from the Red Line or Clark Street Bus.


If you are looking at my website, there is a fee to look at the nudes and erotics. You can find instructions on how to pay for that here.


As you know, photography costs money, and this small fee is a small step toward breaking even. So please don’t ask for the password for free as I find that question coming from a fellow artist a very sad request indeed.


I have included over 2000 photos on the site, and I have included many shots from each session to give you an idea of how the session went... the sequence, the disrobing, the development of trust.

Thanks for your interest, time, and support.