The Collaborators Session: $50

If we have collaborated or are friends, we may have a head start with capturing a great photo. Need a stellar photos in a flash? This plan is perfect for models and others who value speed without compromising quality. Let's chat briefly, then dive straight into the shoot. We will have time for one outfit change. Snap, airdrop, and you're off!  30 minutes. 


The Essential Session: $100

First time here? No worries! This option ensures we connect beforehand via Zoom, ensuring we're on the same page before the camera clicks. Time will allow for one outfit change. iPhone shots airdropped right to you, ensuring a swift departure. 45 minutes. 


The Extended Session: $150

For artists and business people seeking a bit more creative freedom. Let's Zoom to brainstorm, then dive into a session with room for two outfit changes. Expect personalized attention and, of course, instant iPhone shots for your convenience. 70 minutes.


The Maxi Session: $250

Dive deep into the world of possibilities with this package. Start with a Zoom or in-person consultation, plan for several outfit changes, and we will have ample time to explore various looks. Your convenience is paramount - expect instant iPhone shots airdropped straight to your Iphone, ensuring a seamless transition from studio to the world.  110 minutes.



Email me at [email protected] to let me know what works for you. If we have not shot before, please include a sample photo along with an idea of what you would like your shoot to entail.