I wish I could offer you free access to the galleries. But alas, photography costs money for models, studio space, equipment, website hosting, and time.  So, I have tried to come up with affordable ways for you to enjoy the material. Recurring plans will be charged each month, and you will get a new password to see what is up shortly after the first of each month.

One-time passes are single charges for one month, when your experience will come to an end.

Access is not immediate. Once you click on the link and payment is made, I will get an email to notify me of your payment and will then get you a code generally within 3 hours.  Your code is not transferable.

Here are the recurring plans:

Meet The Guys - $5 per month gets a general introduction to 4 galleries of modeling shows - abs and head shots etc. No nudes.

Keep Him Covered - $10 per month gets a great collection with 6 galleries of full modeling sessions,  head shots and body shots. No nudes.

Artistic Nudes - $15 per month for a gallery of 8 galleries of body shots and artistic nudes.

Sticky - $20 per month for a collection of 10 galleries of nudes with a more sensual or sexual nature. Full frontal nudes.

Men Together - $25 per month for a gallery of 15 galleries from the Contact series of books with two, three, or more men. Full frontal nudes and erotic Content

Access - $30 per month for 25 galleries on the site, including standard modeling shots, special requests sessions, ordinary guys, and other fun stuff I though you will enjoy. Full frontal nudes and erotic.

Stay as long as you like. Cancel anytime.

Here are the plans with a onetime charge:

Thanks for your support!